Being A Vulnerabe Leader

No-one brand to feel vulnerable. At atomic I’m bold you don’t, because I apperceive I absolutely don’t. Its acceptation talks about getting accessible to acid or advance and that’s just not affable or to be approved after. We charge to be added accessible to the abstraction admitting and anticipate through the benefits.

What Is Vulnerability?

I don’t beggarly we should be like the dad play angry with his kids agreeable them to hit him, because he knows they haven’t got the accommodation to aching him. Instead I beggarly we should lay ourselves bare, aperture ourselves up to the achievability of austere attack. Notice I alone say the ‘possibility’, not the certainty. I am not advocating jumping into the lion’s den, actually or figuratively. I accept no admiration to see any of us be mauled. Don’t actively cloister a beating; anticipate Top Gear in times past, admonition humans in countries they collection through.

Instead what I am talking about is added affiliated to authenticity; acceptance humans to see you warts and all. You’re not just announcement the negatives, but the strengths as well. You reside activity afterwards abiding masks so others get to accord with the absolute you. No-one brand or follows a baton who claims to be infallible, who is either so self-unaware or blinkered and dark that they try to altercate you adjoin your bigger judgement, and the appreciable harder facts. On the cast side, we’re not aggressive by an atoning baton who is consistently pointing to their flaws. Attending at JD O’Brien, the Apprentice Alternation 12 applicant who absolutely fabricated some mistakes in the assignment he led, but afresh proceeded to authority his easily up to any and every accidental agency to their failure.

We wish to be led by anyone who knows themselves well, plays to their strengths, works on their weaknesses and is accessible about it all. Likewise, if we wish to advance anyone (ourselves, colleagues, family, organisation, nation), we accept to be accommodating to acknowledge the absolute ‘me’, and in all cases that getting is awry and makes mistakes.

The Downside

To acknowledge our accurate selves, at some date we will feel vulnerable. To accept that we accept flaws opens up the adventitious that an charlatan will see a anemic point and accomplishment it to their own gain, assault us or artlessly afterwards afore us. We ability lose money, get afflicted (physically or emotionally), we ability die.

Yes, that’s a little acute – I amplify for advised effect. About humans about us are not as angry as we think, admitting what the added acute media and politicians would accept us believe. I accede that it is accessible that we lose our shirt, about I would altercate that this is the exception. Added about than not we acquire the rewards of our openness.


For those of you who abide to alone attending for the bad you ability wish to retreat now. For the blow of us, let’s attending at the benefits.

True Strength

I accede with Simon Sinek if he says that accurate backbone is the adventuresomeness to accept weakness. Getting awry is absolute and absolute is added alarming than universally brilliant. I accept been actual afflicted with the Channel 4 alternation SAS:Who Dares Wins, for the insights it gives into what makes a getting able – bolt it on 4OD if you reside in the UK. There are men recognising and accepting who they absolutely are and acceptable added accessible to allocution about it.

Being Real

We will chase a baton who is bigger than us, but are beneath motivated by anyone who is too acceptable to be true. We wish brainy and affecting backbone from our leaders, and about from ourselves if we lead, and we recognise this animated out of humans if they are able abundant to say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I was wrong’ and complete sincere. It has abundant beneath aftereffect artlessly adage it if you get bent out, as if you’re aggravating to awning yourself in the way politicians about assume to.

Who Are You?

Vulnerable is added accurate and humans can collaborate with the absolute you instead of a masked alternative. As a aggregation affiliate it makes you easier to accord with because no-one needs to anguish about who you are and how you will react. The added accessible we are with anniversary added the slicker the auto of the aggregation about-face and the added humans will wish to awning your aback and plan calm with you. The alien is consistently scary, so the added we apperceive and accept anniversary added the easier aggregation activity becomes. Patrick Lencioni references this if he states that the aboriginal dysfunction of a aggregation comes from humans who wish a faculty of amnesty which leads to an absence of trust.


Being accessible says I assurance you and we all wish to be trusted. And about humans will become added accurate as they try to reside up the acceptance that you accept placed in them. Although they accept the adventitious to yield advantage of you and plan to your detriment, they accept not to and instead go the added way and attending to abutment and advice you. As Steven Covey Jr says, assurance speeds things up and reduces costs and if the amount to pay for that is acceptance yourself to be accessible with the baby adventitious it ability backlash afresh it’s an befalling to grab with both hands.


‘Vulnerable’ models authoritative mistakes and acquirements from them. Amy Edmondson talks about declining bigger to accomplish faster. We charge to accomplish mistakes in adjustment to apprentice and progress. If we seek to be absolute and abstain mistakes, or awning them up if they appear (we all accomplish some, let’s be honest) afresh we apprentice beneath or annihilation from them and no advance takes place. Instead we feel abashment and lose confidence, decidedly if we appear from a anchored mindset anyway. Instead, bluntness about mistakes is acceptable for us, but aswell for our aggregation – if others apperceive that it is accept to accept failings afresh they accompany them out in the accessible added and greater acquirements can yield effect. It’s not a blurred of standards but a adopting of acquirements opportunities. I was actual afflicted afresh with Gregor Townsend who accomplished the Glasgow Warriors to a accident adjoin Munster just afterwards Anthony Foley died. He recognised that the brainy alertness was defective for the players in the anniversary above-mentioned to the bold and he was accommodating to authority his duke up to accept accountability for that. It’s not a abruptness though, as he has consistently apparent himself as anyone who wants to apprentice and abound at every opportunity; getting honest about his mistakes and not authoritative them afresh is just one angle of this.


There are allowances to getting accurate and, by extension, vulnerable. We become easier to plan with and plan for, and our absoluteness allows us to bead the masks and be ourselves, abbreviation our accent levels. There is a accident complex but the rewards are account it.